rjmRichard is a career long marketer, holding numerous senior marketing positions throughout his 20 years in the profession.  Describing himself as a marketing strategist, performance and measurement specialist, Richard spends his time working with business owners, managers and marketers to help them improve their marketing decisions, investments and impact by harnessing the power of information, data and analytics alongside his strategic insight.

Richard’s biggest passion is to help marketers show the value of their efforts and give them the confidence and skills to be able to share the story with their senior managers.  Richard helps marketers understand the importance of measurement and metrics as well as appreciate the breadth of data available to them in todays digital world.  He also helps marketers bring together and  interpret data coming from many different environments to make it meaningful and digestible at all levels of an organisation.

Richard holds a Bachelors degree from Bournemouth University and the CIM Diploma in Marketing.  Richard was also the Dorset Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2010 – 11 and is now an Executive Director of the Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce.

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